Wednesday 23 September 2009

I am Still Here!

I have very little to report because I have spent very little time in the garden since my last post. However, I thought you might be wondering where I had gone so I decided to say a quick hello. The cold I brought back from Norfolk was a rotten one and then early last week I also caught a tummy virus so unfortunately I neither spent time in the garden nor was I able to eat any of the lovely vegetables we harvested last Monday.

By the end of the week when I had recovered from the tummy virus I was still full of a cold but was also very busy with relatives visiting to celebrate Garden Girl's third birthday, which is fast approaching. She is very excited about turning three and asks me every day if it is her birthday yet. I hope it lives up to her expectations.

The garden meanwhile is starting to look like a jungle and needs some serious work but I am helping a friend get things ready for her wedding this week so I doubt I will get much opportunity to sort things out this week. It is such a shame the longer summer evenings don't last until October! But, I am looking forward to getting outdoors again next week when my diary is relative free and the garden will be a priority. 

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  1. Happy upcoming birthday to Garden Girl. I'm finding that the darker evenings are slowing my progress on the allotment. The light evenings seem to have vanished so quickly.